Starting a Family / KADK / 2019

A semester long workshop at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADK) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The project was ran in collaboration with the Danish design company HAY.

A brief was set to develop a family of lamps around a single design concept. The aim of this project was to enable the students to focus on a core design concept, perhaps a the use of a new innovative material, a repeating visual design language or even a common technical element, and form several typologies of lamp from the same core concept. The semester long project at KADK concluded with a presentation of their proposal to the HAY lighting development team in the form of a physical working prototype and short 5 minute presentation of the concept.

Thanks to Anne Heinsvig, Nicolai de Gier and the students at KADK Masters Product Design course 2019 who participated in the workshop.

Design Work / 2019 KADK Masters Design Students

Photography / Sam Weller