Making Money in Milan / RCA Paradise Exhibition / 2012

Money was originally created as an object with an intrinsic value, whether perceived or by materiality, to help with inclusive trade. Today an increasingly impersonal, intangible and cheap symbolic form of this idea is mass produced and circulated among us.

Set in Milan 2012, during the Furniture Fair - the largest trade fair of its kind in the world - Petter Thörne, Nic Wallenberg and Sam Weller decided to take things into their own hands, cutting out this industry, using their design and 'craft' skills to create their own money. In a process of haphazard craft where they are melted, cast and mauled pewter into coins with a bespoke set of tools.

Sam collaborated with fellow Royal College of Art designers Petter Thörne and Nic Wallenberg.

Photography / James Champion / Sam Weller