Fifty-Fifty / HAY / 2018

Fifty-Fifty began with the notion of stripping back a desktop based task light to its fundamental elements. The aim was to try and create something unique, refined and highly functional. The lamp is based around a counterweight system, a sliding weight exerts an opposing force to create equilibrium with an arm and light source. This concept was then developed into a number of archetypes.

The lamp uses a high quality integrated LED chip that is dimmable with a touch sensitive switch. The lamp is built around an aluminium extrusion profile, providing fixing points for various die cast and machined aluminium joints and connections. All of these components were designed to be configurable so that all archetypes share common components, reducing the overall complexity and streamlining the tooling, manufacturing and assembly process of the whole family.

Download a full specification, product fact sheet and respective photometric files for all configurations of Fifty-Fifty at HAY.

Materials / Aluminium / Steel / Cast Iron / ABS / Nylon / EVA / Electronics (various)

Photography / HAY