Thinking Through Making / Taiwan Tech / 2014

A week long workshop based at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Travelling to an unfamiliar city we set out to find inspiration in existing objects, materials and landscapes, finding new functionality and new possibilities. The brief was set to create the starting point for an everyday object which enhances a previously mundane task. In the time constraints of one week, we sought inspiration in the plethora of materials, fixings and objects which are readily available in Taipei City.

Initial ideas were developed into quick prototypes and tests, utilising an iterative approach, making observations and quick decisions about how these ideas could turn into new functional objects. The conclusion of the week was a presentation of each idea and the journey taken from our initial exploration through to the final design direction.

Thanks to Professor Fan and the students at Taiwan Tech Industrial Design Masters course who participated in the workshop.

Photography / Sam Weller